The Life of Brian

On the morning of Saturday 10th August I got the call from my mum telling me that my dad had passed away. After a month of grief, disbelief, travelling home for the funeral and back again straight into work- I have to say I feel a bit whip-lashed. There will come a time when I'll… Continue reading The Life of Brian


Eating Vegetarian and Vegan: Kumamoto Orientation

Around this time last week I was gathering my things to help out at the JET Orientation event in Kumamoto City. I had agreed to help out at an information booth about living as a veggie in Japan to help other veggies and vegans. Sadly, bad weather meant that this part of the orientation was… Continue reading Eating Vegetarian and Vegan: Kumamoto Orientation

Eating Veggie in Yakushima

Despite Yakushima being the emerald island, lush green and dense in nature, I was severely worried about eating there as a vegetarian. My excitement to hike, onsen and wander around the subtropical island was displaced by the thought of my impending starvation. A small island with only 2 major towns and a population of around… Continue reading Eating Veggie in Yakushima

Japan has Five Seasons and This is the Worst

My first time in Japan kicked off with hot humid air, lush landscapes and every Japanese person I met telling me that Japan has 4 seasons. The latter point was very puzzling to me, a Brit, who also experiences 4 seasons. I had thought that 4 seasons was the norm, but the gasps, widened eyes… Continue reading Japan has Five Seasons and This is the Worst

Kawaii Monster Cafe, Harajuku

The infamously cute, colourful, crazy and sensory-overloading Kawaii Monster Cafe is the drugless trip we all need to take. The themed cafe opened in 2015 and I'd been aware of it's presence for a while now. Just like my trip to Anata no Warehouse, I decided to bring my family along to see it too. The… Continue reading Kawaii Monster Cafe, Harajuku

Trunchbull’s Tyranny: Power in Matilda

Matilda is a childhood classic delivered by the grandfather of us all-Roald Dahl. This book tackles with issues such as neglecting parents, unappreciated children oh and an absolutely hellish dystopian school that will haunt you even into adulthood. Returning to the book at 21 was a strange experience. I’d been having a Roald Dahl binge as a cool down… Continue reading Trunchbull’s Tyranny: Power in Matilda